The book is 192 pages, with color photographs and infographics; it holds the ISBN 978-9953-0-1537-8, and it includes a poster by Danny Khoury and a documentary DVD by Lasse Lau. The first edition was published by DISCURSIVE FORMATIONS in 2010 with the support of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung-Middle East Office.

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Foreword: Hyding the Park George Arbid
  • Introduction: The Discursive Formations of Reinhabiting & Recovery Fadi Shayya

Part One: An Intricate Urban Context

  • Beirut Became Her Sea. So, Let’s Plant the Sea! Bilal Khbeiz
  • From Woods to Park: A Historical & Ethnographic Investigation of Programming the Landscape of the Horsh Fadi Shayya
  • Kill Him, Crush Him: No Trespassing in the Woods Bachar Al-Amine
  • Re: No Choice Fouad Asfour
  • A Transforming Landscape Images courtesy GIS Transport & Directorate of Geographic Affairs
  • Evolution of the Horsh Infographics by Fadi Shayya, Lina Abou Reslan, & Nancy Hamad
  • Beyrouth-Promenade des Pins (circa 1895) Postcard by Anonymous
  • Seeing the Imaginary: A Story behind Pine Nuts Lasse Lau
  • Silent Witnesses: Old Pine Trees of the Horsh Photos by Danny Khoury
  • Pine Trees Don’t Make Pine Nuts Anymore Painting by Sumayyah Samaha

Part Two: Heterotopias of Park & City

  • On Modernity, Urbanity, & Urban Dwellers Hussein Yaakoub
  • The Real Versus the Imagined City: A Traveler’s Notes on Imagining Public Space Fadi Shayya
  • Zone 9: The Horsh in the Master Plan of Beirut Master Plan Courtesy the Municipality of Beirut
  • Thoughts on the Horsh on a Sleepless Night: Dichotomies of Space, Values, Ethics, and Us Jana Nakhal
  • Stitching the Scar: The Horsh as a Site for “Collected Memories” Rola Idris
  • More Green Space Disappears: ISF to Take 9,000 Square Meters of Horsh Beirut: The Municipality has Agreed that a Temporary Police Station Can Be Built Nada Bakri
  • From Non-Sense to Economic-Sense Lana Salman
  • Excluding & Excluded: The Nature and Processes of Exclusion from the City Tara Mahfoud
  • Odyssey in the Park: A Journey of Understanding Women & Public Space Nancy Hamad, Sara AbouGhazal, & Jana Nakhal
  • Horsh Mosaic Infographics by François Eid
  • What He Didn’t Tell Me or Perhaps What He Didn’t Know… Ghassan Maasri
  • Open Public Spaces in Beirut Infographics by Fadi Shayya, Lina Abou Reslan, & Nancy Hamad
  • Terra Verte Marwan Rechmaoui

Part Three: Transient Citizenship, Transient Public Space

  • The Empty Park: Deciphering Ideas of Public Space and Citizenship in Horsh Beirut Rana Andraos
  • Beyrouth – La Forêt des Pins – Les Courses (circa 1920) Postcard by Anonymous
  • The Horsh in Lebanese Law Compiled by Bassam Shayya
  • 2005 Research Interviews Fadi Shayya
  •  Beirut’s Public Space (or Lack Thereof) Hanin Ghaddar
  • If It Exists, Sensibility Is Not Enough: Struggle for Urban Parks in Beirut Salman Abbas
  • Beyrouth – Promenade des Pins (circa 1935) Postcard by Anonymous
  • MP, Activist See Red over Green Spaces: AUB Debate over Parks Generates More Heat than Light Samar Kanafani
  • Structural Connectivity: Alternative Design Strategies to Reconnect the Park to its Context Studio ALBA
  • A Picnic in “Bois des Pins” The Picnic Group
  • “Take Only Memories, Leave Nothing but Footprints” Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon
  • Inside Out [1]: Contemporary Photographic Documentation of the Horsh Photos by Fouad Asfour
  • Inside Out [2]: Contemporary Photographic Documentation of the Horsh Photo by Fadi Shayya
  • Beirut Park Poster by Danny Khoury
  • A Comparative Perspective of Open, Green Spaces Infographics by Gregoire Serof & Serge Serof
  • Book Covers Artwork by Danny Khoury
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